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Small towns are big mission fields that are almost totally neglected by modern church planters & leaders. City ministry has become, for many, the definition of godly ministry. However, we need to hear a call to take the gospel everywhere, big or small, because that is what Jesus told us to do.

Small towns are facing brokenness and pain that only the gospel can solve. Culture needs to be engaged, leaders need to be raised up and church members need to be taught how to be missionaries.

Whether you are considering planting a church, are already leading in an existing church or are looking to grow as a missionary to your small town, the purpose of this website is to build your faith, equip you and connect you with others passionate about small town ministry.

Our hope is that we can help small town ministry be taken seriously and can help see great churches planted and strengthened in every small town around the world.


Donnie Griggs

Shawnee, OK Conference

September 7, 2018 12:00 am

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