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Small Towns – Big Problems

Just because towns are small, doesn’t mean their problems are small. In fact, small towns and rural areas are facing massive brokenness and pain. Each town is different, but they all can relate in the fact that they have big problems only Jesus can fix. Our problems are big, but the gospel can handle them all.

These problems that our communities face are not going to go away overnight, but God puts us in these small towns, filled with the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead, to be part of seeing them transformed as he changes them.

While each town is different, it seems that addiction, poverty, suicide, human trafficking, and racism are just a few of the problems that plague almost every small town. It can be tempting to hide inside a church building from fear or anxiety, but that is not what Jesus has called his church to do. We are to push back on the darkness around us. We are to “run to the sound of the guns.” We are to declare and demonstrate how the gospel sets people free.

Small Towns – Big Vision

God made the whole world and said it was, “good.” He made mankind in his image. That means everywhere and everyone matters.

Just because we live in small places doesn’t mean that God has small plans for where we live. He is the God who raises the dead; the God of the impossible. And this God could have put us anywhere, at any time, but he chose to put us in our small towns right now.

The needs that small towns have been so massive that they demand us to believe in God for nothing short of a miracle. We must not pray small prayers for our small towns. We must not make small plans. We must believe that God can do more than we could ever imagine possible because that is exactly what needs to happen.

Small Towns – Big God

We don’t often hear stories of God doing big things in small towns. That can make it hard to imagine something big happening somewhere small. We want to help you hear stories that cause you to lift your eyes and pray with more confidence and boldness as you love your small town. Click here to see more faith stories.